Harley Qinn or Harlene Quinzel Not my work.

LOK B3 EP6.5 The Beach
M:Do Sand Sculpture for kids.
G:Playing beach volleyball and be popular.
Z+P:Couple time.

Meanwhile in the After Life…

My little “deadly conga” -sketch escalated to this. And I still haven’t finished the speech for Monday…

Follow up to my last upload :P 
Wherein Korra shows up at Asami’s work and demands kisses <3


I wouldn’t date a tall female bruh we gon get in a argument and she gon put my phone on the top of the fridge


Happy (belated) Birthday nymre senpai!!! ^0^
Sorry again for bringing you my present this late (you’ll get the other one in the mail soon, I promise!), and sorry that I didn’t have time to make it more appropriate, but I hope you like it~ ♥ 
Korrasami is my new favorite thing after Book 3, I love their friendship so much ;-; 

"I rise with the moon"
buuu having fun with photoshop~ I like drawing Katara and moons. c: